Saturday, November 07, 2009


This is the reason I can't get any work done...

Jason's Top Ten Internet Time Wasters

10. This is Why You are Fat

9. Why do You Have a Kid?

8. Awful Library Books

7. Awesome Family Photos

6. There, I Fixed It

5. Lovely Listing

4. Item Not as Described

3. Your Argument is Invalid

2. The Hawtness

And Jason's number one internet time waster...

1. People of Walmart

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

The Wedinator
Ugliest Tattoos
That Will Buff Out
Fail Blog
LOL Dogs
Celebrity Snark
Totally Looks Like
Pundit Kitchen
Graph Jam
Parents on Facebook
You Should Have that Translated
Photoshop Disasters
Picture is Unrelated
Separated at Birth


Mick Master said...

Damn you! That's an hour I'll never get back...

Jenn said...

I have suspected something for quite some time, but this list totally confirms it. I should probably tell you in person, but I am just going to say it now. We are obviously meant to be together. I would invite you to live with me in Kansas, but since I have no job it would probably make sense for me to come out and live with you. I will pack now. See you soon! XOXO, Jenn
PS All my favorite sites are here, plus a few new ones that are making me very happy tonight! Thanks for the awesome list, as usual!

The Bombshell said...

Holy crap. "An hour" Mick Master? Try DAYS. It's going to take me DAYS to get through all of these between the bouts of insane laughter. Thank you for ruining my life, Jason, and for rotting out my brain! I'm sure Noah will be completely neglected.