Sunday, January 08, 2012


It appears that, by listing every ache and pain, there are folks on the internet getting more attention than me. This will not stand. Quintuple amputee? Botched gender reassignment? Sore nipples? Rest assured, no matter what the ailment, I am sicker than you. I an effort to garner endless sympathetic comments, herewith are Jason's Top Ten Current Health Issues. See you at my telethon...

Jason's Top Ten Current Ailments

10. My Renaissance Period is Late

 9. Ingrown Labia

 8. Rum Disease

 7. Cranial Yeast Infection

 6. Silky Discharge

 5. Boca Cerrada

 4. Colon Blow

 3. Weeping Prostate

 2. Syphilis Diller

And Jason's number one current health issue...

 1. His n' Herpes

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

Chlamydia Chowder
Here Today Gonorrhea
Sexually Transmitted Unease
Prefrontal Lobe Piercing is Infected
Penile Autophagia
Subdural Michelle Bachman
Fall Down and Go Boom
Toenail Bulimia Nervosa
Shpilkes in the Genechtagazoink
Acute Anal Leakage
Total Blastoma
Rectal Havoc
Hypothalmic Arrest
Residual Halitosis

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