Friday, May 25, 2007


I thought this article was pure hilarity: Eight Wives Not Enough for Convicted Bigamist.

Top Ten Signs You are Married to a Bigamist

10. He agrees to spend 1/10th of the morning with you on Mother's Day

9. Claims he was out at the bar with the boys, but he comes home already fed, wed, and ready for bed

8. She states you, and her other eight husbands, don't pay enough attention to her

7. Demands you get married on your birthday so he only has to remember one day

6. He returns from his "business trip" in a rented tux with frosting all over his boutonnière

5. The court settles your divorce as a class-action

4. All the kids in your trailer park look strangely alike

3. She thinks Ann Romney is way too stingy with Mitt

2. Someone is PMS-ing 25 out of 30 days

And the number one sign you are married to a bigamist...

1. Your new "babysitter" shows up suspiciously wearing a veil

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternate...

Her Craigslist ad reads: "Straight, Mormon, VGL, prayer-warrier seeks stable couple for worship, nuptials, more... NO: singles, pagans, attorneys or Democrats!"

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