Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Top Ten Gangsta Pet Peevz

10. When yo jus kickin' it with yo homies and The Man think he all that an try to come up on yo ass fo sellin' a little medicinal crack.

9. When your lowrider gets stuck in the 'up' position.

8. O.G.'s who dis the hood jus cuz they think they got it goin' on.

7. Getting a jheri curl caught in the bolt of your AK.

6. Hoes who think they bitches, and bitches who think they hoes.

5. The light in solitary is so bad, it's hard to get an accurate depiction of Louis Farrakhan in a prison tattoo.

4. Sucka MC's who can't bust a rhyme.

3. Going through the metal detector security checkpoint at the 7-11.

2. When the bitch don't have my money.

And the number one gangsta pet peeve...

1. Middle class white boys who write whack lists.

-Jason Rohrblogger

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Anonymous said...

you are so def.