Monday, July 25, 2005


Top Ten Baghwan Shree Haj Rashneesh Pet Peeves

10. As soon as you start to really contemplate a grain of rice, the phone always rings.

9. When your chakra gets folded with your dharma in the wash.

8. The way Ken Starr won't wrap up his investigation anytime soon.

7. Climbing 10,000 feet only to discover your isolated cave is being occupied by some OTHER Most Holy Baghwan Sari Haj.

6. Ashram cooks who are stingy with the tofu.

5. Trying to get the baseball cap of your favorite team to fit over your turban during the playoffs.

4. The Spice Girls just don't sound the same now that Ginger quit.

3. Trying to sneak a cow through security at Houston International Airport.

2. Loincloths don't cover, boxer's don't offer enough support, yet briefs are too tight.

And the number one Baghwan Shree Haj Rashneesh pet peeve...

1. Trying not to laugh out loud at that hilarious Chihuahua while sitting through a Taco Bell commercial during a hunger strike.

-Jason Rohrblogger

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dumb jk