Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Top Ten Things Found In Elton John's Purse

10. Note from Gianni Versace, "Call me we'll do lunch."

9. Note from Princess Di, "Call me, let's go shopping."

8. Note from George Michael, "I'm still alive, meet me at the park."

7. Novelty key chain: "51% angel, 49% bitch!"

6. A shake-it-up-and-watch-it-snow Betty Ford Center

5. Extra fringe

4. A matching set of striped leg warmers and a headband. (Sorry, that was found in Olivia Newton John's purse)

3. An unused pass to Nautilus Swim 'n Fitness

2. Vial of Minoxodil, prescription for Viagra, hot pink lipstick

And the number one thing found in Elton John's purse...

1. A four foot by four foot eyeglass case

-Jason Rohrblogger


grins said...

I was getting worried you'd leave the sunglasses off the list. How could I ever doubt you?

Luck o' the Irish said...

Well, he'll have to dump the lipstick if he plans on flying out of the UK! I was kind of hoping he'd have a spare dangly earring in the purse.

SARITA said...

JASON!! C'est moi, Sara Cru**** I did that to protect me Identity! Make yourself a myspace. Call me and I'll tell you my myspace url.... Anyhow, I enjoyed this.