Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Best. Email. Ever.

My cousin sent me the following during hiatus...

Everyday I wake up, get ready for school, grab my backpack and get into my car. The drive to school is short and painful, and all I can think about is a cup of strong black coffee. I get my coffee and walk into my class room ready to listen to a mind numbing teacher talk to me about litigation and business law. I tune her out and stare at my laptop ready to read something that always gives me hope that the day will end. I hit the favorites icon on my internet browser, and scroll down to "Jason's Top Ten" and click the those three words in anticipation. I take a sip of my strong black coffee.

And then a tear.

Last updated October 16, 2008: The dreaded sentence I read everyday. This is where the panic and anxiety sets in. October 16th, I read again and again. I open up the mini calender on the corner of my screen and count the days since the last top ten went up. It has been 27 days. I'm in withdrawal. The shivers at night are the worst.

What happened to the infamous Jason Rohrblogger? He was so great. I wonder if at that Vegas bachelor party took him from us forever. If it did, at least he died happy. Now please raise your glasses on this day after remembrance day, and remember Jason. A man who could make us laugh by just looking at you in his rear view mirror. A man who could make you smile every time you thought of his beautiful happy face. Remember. Jason.


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