Monday, October 05, 2009


Jason's Top Ten Kitchen Tips

10. Veggie burgers aren't bad if you put enough bacon on them

9. Red wine goes well with white wine

7. Black Eyed Peas make a great opening for Meatloaf followed by Cake

6. Kiss the cook, or barring that, bring chocolate

5. Conserve water by drinking vodka

4. Frosting helps the rice cake go down

3. It's not every woman will get up and make a man biscuits and gravy

2. Unfortunately, while barbecuing, you have to wear more than just an apron

And Jason's number one kitchen tip...

1. Don't pour hot grits down your pants

-Jason Rohrblogger


Jack said...

Feel free to kiss my grits.

The Bombshell said...

I don't know. On a really cold day, a nice warm helping of grits might feel good down there.