Saturday, August 07, 2004


Top Ten Prince William Pick-Up Lines...

10. You're not like the other serfer girls.

9. Do you deign to grace these premises with your presence often?

8. The Captain of my Bodyguard couldn't help but notice what a nice ass you have.

7. I won't behead you like my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Henry would.

6. What's your sign, title, and family crest?

5. Wanna appear on the front page of a tabloid?

4. Do fries and The Aquitaine come with that shake?

3. That's my horse and carriage parked outside.

2. You like the Spice Girls? Well they're coming over to visit my dad tonight.

And the number one Prince William Pick-Up Line...

1. That's not a sceptre in my pocket...I'm just glad to see you.

-Jason Rohrblogger

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