Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I submitted myself for review over at I Talk 2 Much. I got the reviewer called Princess Pottymouth. They all have great avatars over there, but her's is especially nice. They are a tough crowd. They hate the black template with a white hot passion, etc... I knew I would get raked over the coals for that. The worst part was she accused me of plagiarizing my lists: which she spelled "plaguarized." I am not making this up. Then she announces that she is not even interested in looking for the original sources. And finally, she demands that I stop signing my posts. Ouch. Well, there are no original sources for my posts, other than my own mind. When there is another source, I make that clear by putting their signature at the bottom of the post! I did however steal the entire premise from David Letterman who stole it originally from the Book of Lists.

If you are visiting from IT2M, welcome. Feel free to look around or post any "plaguerized" lists of your own... Thanks for the love, Princess Pottymouth!

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