Sunday, April 16, 2006


Top Ten Easter Bunny Pet Peeves

10. Kids who shout "show me the bunny!"

9. Brown jelly beans

8. When Jesus comes out of his tomb and sees his shadow: six more weeks of Spring

7. Pastel

6. Teenagers who try to smoke the plastic grass

5. Baskets that chafe your eggs

4. The way his brother, Bugs, makes all that royalty money year round and doesn't have to get a single drop of dye on his paws

3. Passover Bunny

2. That litter his wife delivered that looks an awful lot like the Energizer Bunny

And the number one Easter Bunny pet peeve...

1. Having to spend the rest of the year in a condo with Santa Claus in Florida

-Jason Rohrblogger

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Display Name said...

I included this list in my e-Mail Easter Basket's (or Ether Basket if you will) that I sent out to the Peeps. Very funny, per usual. And 'Passover Bunny'?! Oy! Hilarity.