Monday, April 10, 2006


Top Ten Signs Tiny Dancer is Pregnant

10. In with the strawberry shortcake, out with the dog

9. She's blogging for two

8. Chest Fairy delivers Dolly Parton-size package; Ankle Fairy delivers Chris Farley-size package.

7. There's an even Tinier Dancer

6. No martinis, cosmos, or Jell-O shots, yet can still puke all morning...

5. Two words: Clomid bonfire

4. She's got a ticket to ride, on the emotional roller coaster

3. That's the last whoopee he's gonna see for the next nine...years

2. "Mike, I feel like french fries. The ones from Burger King, not McDonald's. The ones from the Burger King in Wego-Waco. They make them better there.... Ooh, and you know what would go good with that? A milkshake! From Sonic Burger. The one in Valley Center!"

And the number one sign Tiny Dancer is pregnant...

1. Tiny Dancer ain't so tiny anymore

-Jason Rohrblogger

And remember: "Rohrblogger" makes a wonderful name for a boy or a girl...

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