Saturday, April 29, 2006


Okay, I got tagged yet AGAIN. This time by Dr. J. Angela over at Making Lemonade.

Top Ten More Things About Me

10. I did it all for the nookie

9. I'm that guy on his cell phone in traffic

8. I love me some Kate Winslet

7. I know champagne is really just fancy Chardonnay

6. As a teenager, I once shot up an abandon car. My father helped me!

5. I would rather read a book than watch network television

4. I can make any phrase or word sound dirty

3. I'm working on a cheddar-based doomsday device in my secret laboratory. And I pronounce it luh-bore-uh-tory.

2. My flesh burns when I step into a church. Is that bad? Is it supposed to burn?

And the number one thing more about me...

1. Though I can cook in every room of the house, I can also cook in the kitchen

-Jason Rohrblogger

I'm tagging:

SuziJane, Gieau_SF, S. N. Winger, Spicy Pants


Display Name said...

Wow! You really can make anything sound dirty.
"I'm working on a cheddar-based doomsday device in my secret laboratory" - rawwwwr! That's what SHE said.

Grins said...

I dare you to record a soundbite and post it here...just you saying Jason Rohrblogger so it sounds dirty.

Jason Rohrblogger said...


If I knew how to record sound bites and post them, I would...

-Jason Rohrblogger