Friday, May 05, 2006


Jason Rohrblogger's Top Ten Fave Lines from Piehole...

10. He's lucky that he says "structure" in that way that makes me all melty. And then "structure structure structure" so that I get super melty.

9. PS. Winner of the Ciscoe Morris Impersonation Contest? ME!

8. ...when we engage in an uncharacteristic, and potentially soppy, walk on the beach while holding hands, he called me shithead.

7. "Mont-gum-reh! It's suppah time!"

6. My hair is having a very cute day... My back fat, on the other hand, not so much.

5. Two dishwashers. One for the dishes, one for the dildos.

4. was either drinking or stabbing people.

3. And by "fun" I mean "salmonella"

2. I wish I could punch you through the phone.

And Jason Rohrblogger's number one fave line from Piehole...

1. Piehole! The title itself is pure hilarity! As if there is a hole just for pie... -snicker-

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

Who knew that 2 donuts could knock me on my ass?
Will I ever tire of being leered at like I'm a piece of meat by middle-aged couples trying to get their three-way on?
...throwing rum on it sounded like a good idea at the time...
Who do I have to blow to get one small dumbass turkey in this neighborhood?
And I'm sorry I called you an armpit. I didn't mean it. (I totally meant it.)
I celebrated by falling down the stairs in my office... Go me.
I mean, I don't want people yelling "FORNICATOR!" at me when I walk in, but something with a little less kissing.
Where the hell is all this pee coming from?
Oh, cruel fate. Why must you ream me?
I cannot poop on command.

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Display Name said...

We love Jen!
You should come to her roof partay in June. If she hasn't invited you, I'm sure it's only because she assumes we will be going together.