Saturday, April 11, 2009


Top Ten Least Popular Gated Communities

10. The Twin Oaks at Rancid Rivers Pointe Landfill

9. The Manors of the Falls of the Landings of the Creeks of the Hunters Run at Michael Bay

8. The Estates at Hickory Dickory Docks

7. Oppressive Home Owner's Association at Huntington Cheshire Oxford Manchester Wood on the Green

6. Shady Acres at Cemetery Avalanche Ridge

5. Westgate Eastlawn Mobile Estates at Floodplain Tornado Valley Prison Farms

4. Waiting to Die at Leisure World Condo-Closet Homes

3. Southside Crack Dens at Ghetto Grove

2. Long Walk at Short Pier

And the number one least popular gated community...

1. Superfund Clearcut Stripmine Promenade at Stranded Random Toxic Density Overload Radioactive Mute Place

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

The Police Lines at Homicide Hills Morgue Links
The Parking Lots at Three-Hour Commute Lanes
The Grassy Knolls at Assassins Plaza
The Three Mile Islands at Peninsula Foothills Isthmus Volcano


Mickmaster said...

Seizure World.

Atomic Bombshell said...

Personally, I would name ours "Cat Poop Alley Estates" since every pussy in the neighborhood likes to use our gated front patio as its litter box. Can you sense my frustration here?