Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Top Ten Rejected Movie Prequels

10. Ten Leagues Under the Sea

9. The Cook, The Thief, His Girlfriend and her Acquaintance

8. The Mediocre News Bears

7. Apollo 12

6. Getting There

5. Debbie Does Lubbock

4. The Cider House Suggestions

3. The City According to Garp

2. Immigrant Kane

And the number one rejected movie prequel...

1. Two Men and a Zygote

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

Disagreement Club
11 Angry Men
The Chatter of the Lambs
American History W
To Threaten a Mockingbird
A Few Things About Eve
Chanting in the Rain
Nobody Likes it Hot
The Okay Escape
The Green Yard
Near the Waterfront
No County for Old Men
Luke Warm Hand Luke
(499) Days of Summer
The Muggle of Oz
Hurt Bill
The Fifth Sense
There May Be Blood
Thousand Dollar Baby
The Mild Bunch
11 Monkeys


TheNukeBoy said...

How 'bout as a sub-alternate:

A Streetcar Named "I'll Think About It"

TheNukeBoy said...

My apologies in advance, Jason, but hopefully at least one of these will maybe make you crack a smile:

Insightful Hal

The Devil Wore Le Tigre

Officer and an Asshole

Schindler's Post-It Note

Jacob's Step Stool

On Golden Puddle

My Pleasingly Plump Greek Wedding

Before The Devil Knows You're Not Feeling Well

Guess Who's Coming to Lunch