Saturday, September 18, 2004


Top Ten Taliban Excuses

10. Wanted to be nuked back to the Mesozoic Era. Just didn't have own bomb.

9. Sick of the way Gary Condit was getting all of the American press.

8. Misread Old Testament passage about "burning bush."

7. Still angry because America helped them kick the Russians out of their homeland.

6. Camel loaded with explosives kept sinking in New York Harbor.

5. Tired of the way Nazis and Russians are always the bad guys in American movies.

4. Missed that one newspaper article awhile back about what America did to Iraq.

3. Upset because of immigration, there are not enough people in the workforce to staff all the 7-11's in downtown Kabul.

2. Afghan airforce consists of two paper airplanes and a broken rubber band.

And the number one Taliban excuse...

1. Can't wait to meet Allah.

-Jason Rohrblogger

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