Friday, February 09, 2007


Top Ten Things Found Inside Anna Nicole Smith at Her Autopsy

10. Hoodia

9. Drano

8. Hugh Hefner

7. Fully articulated liver

6. Heart of gold

5. A number three with onion rings and a Diet Coke

4. Her inner child

3. Guess? Genes

2. ThickSpa

And the number one thing found inside Anna Nicole Smith at her autopsy...

1. A fetus snorting cocaine

-Jason Rohrblogger


Heather said...

Oh thank god someone has decided to stop being all reverent about her. I am so sick of the Marilyn Monroe comparisons and the endless coverage.

Of course it is sad when anyone dies, but she was a drug addicted white trash booze hound. Of course her body couldn't take it anymore!

Also, Hugh Hefner! Ha!

Jack Baker said...

I met her once in 1994:

I watched her luggage at LAX once for her while she looked for her driver who was late. I was waiting to pick up my mom who was on another flight. She came up to me and said I looked "trustworthy" and asked me in her Southern accent "sweetie could you watch mah luggage for me? My drivah isn't heah yet and mah luggage is heav-y," I was like "aaaah uuhhhh ummmm errrrrrr OK!!!" Yeah I'm Mr. Smooth! She looked good without any makeup on, white blouse and Guess jeans-this was just before the 90 year old husband and all the drama. She thanked me when he showed up and then my mom walked up and said "isn't that Anna Nicole Smith and why are YOU talking to her?!?" Thanks MOM!

Jason Rohrblogger said...


Your story is so symbolic. She had way more baggage than she could handle. She needed assistance just getting out of an airport. You helped her for one brief moment. Too bad you couldn't have been there for her more...

Bre said...

I think it's generally sad when anyone dies, especially the parent of a young child, but seriously I'm so sick of all the tributes and such. I think the traditional media outlets should look back on all the shit they talked on her before creating such "fluffy" tributes. Yick.

Atomic Bombshell said...

I can always count on you, Jason. :) XOXOX