Sunday, September 02, 2007


Top Ten Rejected Mob Nicknames

10. Marco "Trixiebelle Sparkle" Battaglia

9. Joseph "Halitosis" Toscano

8. Nicky "Nickyname" Bastoli

7. Pauly "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Brancato

6. Anthony "Tony Baloney" Provenza

5. Vincenzo "Panty Liner" Mastrozano

4. Frankie "Cap'n Crunch" Capicola

3. Salvatore "Dances with Wolves" Roselli

2. Snitchy "The Talker" Cooperatti

And the number one rejected mob nickname...

1. Jason "The Hack" Rohrblogger

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

Louis "Asshat" Giannini
Cesare "Sissy Boy" Bianchi
Tommy "Sharquanda" Cielo
Jack "Small Penis" Milano
Don "Wingnut" Rumsfeld
Jimmy "Closeted Homosexual" Colucci
Sergio "Free Pass" Fulgencio
Al "Gender Reassignment" Gennaro
Benito "Insecure" Balducci
Henry "Number Three with a Diet Coke" Pescadero
Victor "Just Hold Me" Scarfo
Carmine "Silly Rabbit" Baratta

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