Saturday, January 17, 2009


We are just a heartbeat away from Beau Bridges playing President Bush in the made-for-TV movie...

Top Ten Movies About the Bush Administration

10. Iraqalypse Now

9. Trillion Dollar Maybe

8. Bush and Dick and Ted and Malice

7. President Evil

6. National Lampoon's Summer Invasion

5. The Rummy Returns

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Mindless Despot

3. Raging Kabul

2. Oil Reservoir Dogs

And the number one movie about the Bush administration...

1. Lie Hard

-Jason Rohrblogger and Ken Bloggerts

And the alternates...

Saving Private-ization
Full Mental Jacket
Kill Bill Clinton
The Big Creep
Bush Subsidy and the None-Tax Kid
Gone With the WMD
Condoleeza Rice and the Last Crusade
The Man Who Shot Liberty
Almost Heinous
Mid-Right Cowboy
Midfight Run
Of Condi Rice and Men
Meet the Fu*kers
Sleepless in Syria
Good Ol' Boyz in da Beltway
Dumb & Dumberer: When Bush Met Dick
The Veep's Lezbo Daughter (The Dick And Dyke Show)
George, George, George of the Bungle
Donald Ducksfeld
Two-Faces of Evil
Budget Schmudget: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Surplus
Pimps & Ho's: The Bush Family Tree Goes Unpruned
Weapons of Mass Deception
Finding Neverland: The George W. Bush Rise to Power
Growing Up Bush: Dude, Where's My Bar?
Super-Size Me: Deficit Attention Disorder
Did You Want Freedom Fries With That?
Germany & France, Drop Your Pants (And Bend Over)
The SpongeGeorge Square Head Movie
The Life Pathetic With George Double-U
Raging Bullshit
I (Don't) Heart Spellingbees
The Unpronouncibles
It's a Wonderful Strife
Citizen Cocaine
Last Exit Strategy to Tehran
The Violence of the Sands
Fight Club
Paths of Gory
Are We There Yet?
Pooh's Clusterfu*k Movie
Mission: Imcomplished
Abhorrence of Arabia
Grim and Grimmerer
One Blew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
An Iraqwork Orange
Throw Osama from the Train
The Texas Cheneysaw Massacre
The Iraqi Horror Picture Show
Dial W for War
The Emperor's New-cular Groove
Mr. Ditz Goes to Washington
Pimped Fiction
This Is Wire Tap
The Great Debasters... Debaterists... Arguers!
The Empire Strikes Iraq
American Wankster
Disaster and Commander
Honey, I Shrunk the Constitution!
The Decider House Rules
My Own Private I Dunno
Rove, Actually
Topic Blunder
Disaster Movie
They Shoot Lawyers, Don't They?


Atomic Bombshell said...

Holy cow... Now that's what I call options.

Grins said...

Oh boy, I'm going to have to forward this one to a few people.

Jenn said...

Jason- this is awesome! Your site is so funny- I can't wait to come back and read it again. I am going to email this to a few of my friends! Thanks!

Larry Litle said...

I voted for Bush twice but I am laughing my head off. Great list.

Anonymous said...

Kicking that ass once again.

Anonymous said...

You're just so F-ing funny it's ridiculous. That's the best alternatives list I've ever read.

Rock on!

desert rose said...

i would vote "disaster movie" to be the best movie about bush administration. :D