Thursday, December 01, 2005


Top Ten Three Wise Men Pet Peeves

10. Traveling night and day for two years on the Orient-Bethlehem turnpike only to discover your camel's left blinker was on the whole way.

9. It's 50 lucre for three lousy measures of Frankincense.

8. You follow a star to the East but it turns out to be projecting a computer generated dancing baby.

7. The turkey isn't even out of the oven yet and Joseph is drunk already.

6. Trying to explain to your harem why you spent last night in a manger filled with sheep and goats, but the only woman there is still a virgin.

5. If you give gifts to one Savior of Mankind, you have to give gifts to EVERY Savior of Mankind.

4. The way the Sanhedrin are always appointing an Independent Prosecutor to investigate everything.

3. Still writing "B.C." on all the checks.

2. Baby Judas keeps telling on Baby Jesus.

And the number one Three Wise Men pet peeve...

1. Just knowing your computer is going to crash two thousand years from now.

-Jason Rohrblogger

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Anonymous said...

number five is a winner, otherwise stick to relationship blogs, buddy.