Saturday, June 27, 2009


Top Ten Things Overheard in Heaven Last Week

10. Oh, I'm sorry. You don't appear to be on the list. We were expecting Larry King, Elizabeth Taylor, or Snoop Dogg.

9. We have cherubim, seraphim, and arch. Nothing about Charlie's.

8. Hi-yo! Wheeeeeere's Johnny?

7. Quick, hide all the kids on the carousel!

6. We've got room in the Jimi Hendrix Wing for two drug addicts and an alcoholic

5. There's an ex-Witness here who wants to speak with Jehovah

4. I'll have a scotch and holy water

3. Several popes still have your poster up

2. You may have already won one million dollars

And the number one thing overheard in Heaven last week...

1. Mamma-see mamma-sa ma-ma-koosa, shamon, ee-hee-hee

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternate...

Who is the old lady in line with Ed and Farrah?

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Atomic Bombshell said...

You're very kind to assume they all went to heaven. Very clever stuff though!