Friday, March 09, 2007


Top Ten Ronald McDonald Pet Peeves

10. A shirtless Grimace sun bathing under the arches

9. Drunken late night calls from Hamburgler demanding "bail money"

8. The metric system

7. They made the clown at Jack In The Box PRESIDENT of the company!

6. Being mistaken for the drummer of aging heavy metal rock band KISS

5. The Diary Queen is really just the Burger King in drag

4. CIA spooks posing as teenage employees to learn the ingredients of secret sauce

3. Trendy, heroin-addicted mob hit men who try to order a "Royale with cheese"

2. Baggy pants and yellow shirt target of jeers at Armani shows

And the number one Ronald McDonald pet peeve...

1. Mayor McCheese STILL brags about the time he bagged Marilyn Monroe

-Jason Rohrblogger


Grins said...

Hey now...Grimace rocks! He was my favorite as a kid. If you ask me the whole Barney the Dinosaur thing was a Grimace ripoff.

SpOrK said...

Grimmace is purple trash. He hangs around with a known thief (Hamburglar) and a crooked politician (Mayor McSleeze). :)

Jason Rohrblogger said...

Grins - I know how you like a corporate, bald, shirtless fat guy with a bad tan...but a nice smile. Grimace is your man. But isn't Barney a little young for you? I thought your age range for dating was Cambrian to Cretaceous, you know, slimy guys with thick shells and not very evolved.

Spork - you're a dork (that was too easy). Grimace is spelled with one 'm.'

Adrian said...

Is there something I should know about your apparent obsession with Ronald McDonald? Remember, I am here if you need to talk.