Monday, March 12, 2007


I thought this article in the Los Angeles Weekly was hilarious...

It's not unusual for a top-10 list to cause controversy. Top 10 movies of all time. Top 10 restaurants in the country. But recently the Los Angeles Police Department and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced with great fanfare a top-11 list of the worst and most violent gangs in the area.

"It's a bunch of bullshit," said Antony "Set Trip" Johnson, 17, a gang member with the Five Deuce Hoover, a subset of the notorious Hoover Criminals. "We should be on that list. Fuck it. We the most hated gang in Los Angeles."

"I never heard of some of these gangs," said Steven Smith, of the Rollin' 60s. "This has got to be political. Where's the Bounty Hunters? Where's the Eight Treys? Who the fuck is 204th Street?"

Ha! If they ever come out with a worst blog list I BETTER BE ON IT! After all, I'm the baddest most hated blog in the blogosphere...

-Jason Rohrblogger

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heather said...

Okay THAT? Is awesome.