Saturday, March 31, 2007


Top Ten Cosmo Articles In Iraq

10. Sheikhs tell us! Five ways to avoid being sold to another harem: Daring Do's and Don'ts from the Bedouin Boudoir!

9. Desert Dessert: 8 easy-to-prepare, sand-based, après-goat goodies!

8. Those Eyes: No-make-up tips from beyond the veil!

7. Camel Compatibility: Does your Dromedary like it or lump it? A Quiz.

6. The full-length Kaftan: Summer's Sexiest Layer!

5. From Oppression to Orgasm: Making Holy Love and Holy War that will drive him wild!

4. "I only give birth to girls!" -one reader's shocking tale!

3. Kama Sutra Jihad! Forbidden Knowledge from the Kinky Koran he wishes you knew!

2. Ramadan's most devout footwear: Sandals vs. Nothing at all!

And the number one Cosmo article in Iraq...

1. Adieu, Abu! So longa, Osama! Qaddafi & Saddam are the bomb! We Rate the Maniacal Terror Hunks!

-Jason Rohrblogger


Anonymous said...

Goats are funny!

Anonymous said...

you're funny

Grins said...

The terror hunks, eeeek....Saddam as Bachelor of the Month scares me. Put his shirt back on!