Friday, December 05, 2008


I got tagged and bagged over at Patience is a Virtue.

First, the tagging game's rules:
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I am going to stick with my format and list the Top Ten Random Facts about Rohrblogger. Normally I would just make up ten funny-sounding lies (I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die) but this time I will list ACTUAL FACTS that I am NOT making up...

10. I have a black belt in an obscure Hawaiian martial art called Kajukembo

9. I was the 1989 Arizona state fighting champion in my weight class (featherweight - remember this was 19 years, and roughly 70 pounds, ago)

8. I won because I legitimately beat everyone(,) up until the final match. One of the guys I fought was an ex-Green Beret who was just let out of prison. He had stabbed his wife's lover, yet another Green Beret, with a knife.

7. In the final match my opponent disqualified himself by striking me with a direct backfist to the head, a headstrike that was illegal at the time

6. As the winner of the featherweight class, I got to go on and fight the winners of the middleweight and and heavyweight classes

5. The middleweight fighter drew the bye and I had to fight the heavyweight first

4. The heavyweight fighter (a robust fellow member of my same Kajukembo school) proceeded to pound me into submission. The match lasted less than one round with a technical knockout. He proceeded to do the same thing to the middleweight fighter.

3. My family was so impressed that I won my weight class, they took out an ad in the paper to congratulate me. My college classmates picked up the story and announced it to the Student Union to my embarrassment.

2. The only thing I've pounded since graduating college is a computer keyboard. I couldn't win a fight now, and knife-wielding ex-Green Berets make me scream like a sissy-boy.

And the number one random fact about Rohrblogger...

1. I was once the opening act for Carrot Top

-Jason Rohrblogger

I am tagging...
Carrot Top, The Green Berets, The University of Arizona Student Union, Ryan Seacrest, The Arizona Department of Corrections, and Oprah


Atomic Bombshell said...

Fascinating! We don't often get to learn real things about you. Awesome!

Jenn said...

I love this entry!! You should do more true dat posts!
Love ya! XOXOXOXOXO Jenn