Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Top Ten Rejected Summer Movie Sequels

10. Cold Mountain Deux

9. Titanic's Revenge of the Titanic: Icebergs in Paradise

8. Debbie Does Fallujah

7. Last Tango in Paris Hilton

6. Like Water for Chocolate Thunder Downunder

5. Snatch'd and Snatch'rer

4. Chasing Amy's Papi

3. The Sound of Music II: Electric Boogaloo

2. Bachelor Ba'ath Party

And the number one rejected summer movie sequel...

1. You Got Smurfed

-Jason Rohrblogger

And the alternates...

Gulf War 3-D
Left Behinderer
Shallow Halitosis
The Gas-Electric Hybrid Horseman
Big Trouble in Little Baghdad
American Pie 3.14159265
My Big Fat Greek Divorce
Bad News Angels and Demons
Losin' It II: Finding It Again
Harry Potter and the Endless Merchandising of Doom
Fast & Bi-Furious
Sherlock Homie
The Taking of Pelham 456
The Second to Last Temptation of Christ

1 comment:

desert rose said...

Alas, "Harry Potter and the Endless Merchandising of Doom" is not as rejected as we would like it to be. Just wait till July. :D